Best online storage make things easy. On the opposite, some online backup services try to keep their customers by locking their data.
Data lock in prevent customers from changing providers, because they are not able to move their data from their online storage.
What you need to check in your contract is that your data won’t be locked in, and will sometimes organize data migration to another provider.
For instance, the online backup list published on does not include any providers which could lock your data.

Cloud storage terms of service

Boring but very useful when you have to choose the best cloud storage, you need to read the cloud storage terms of service.
Things to check for instance : are Data Centers geo redundant, which means your data is stored in different location to prevent nature disaster.


Another thing is to be sure your online data is encrypted with a key stored in a different place, to prevent hacker attacks.

Once you’ve set up your Vmware virtualized environnement, you will be able to run any Vmware appliance, download and install any Vmware Images, run your virtual machines created with Vmware Converter or set up a Desktop infrastructure with Vmware VDI.

First of all, you need to create the virtualized environnement by downloading Vmware ESXi.

How to install Vmware ESXi

Vmware ESXi comes as an installable ISO file. Burn it to a CD and place it in the physical destination server.

Vmware Converter for deployment

As Virtual disk format and virtual hardware can be different between VMware Player or Vmware Workstation and ESXi, you can use Vmware Converter to deploy your virtual machine to a Vmware ESXi.

As a top cloud computing company, Vmware has a virtual machine software that runs on physical machines.

After reading some tutorials, I decided to come though the next step : installing Vmware Player and setting up my own virtual machine windows 7.

It’s just amazing how simple it is !

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